It is nearly impossible to view any type of media today without seeing something about substance use disorders and their impact on our society. Whether substance abuse impacts you personally or someone you know, it is clear that the reach of these substance abuse disorders is considerable. The first step towards your personal recovery with substance abuse or supporting someone you love in their substance abuse recovery process, is seeking help from a professional counselor trained in treating addictions.

Substance abuse recovery is as individual as you are. Finding a substance abuse counselor who is able to work with you in supporting your efforts and assisting you in creating a personalized substance abuse treatment plan is essential for long-term success. Substance abuse recovery is much more than “cessation” from a substance and through the substance abuse counseling process, an individual learns to change their thought and behavioral patterns, as well as make overall lifestyle changes.

Some ways a substance abuse counselor can help:

  • Working with you to gain or maintain employment
  • Help you understand the nature of their substance abuse addiction.  The root cause of substance abuse is hard to understand and discover. The process of identifying and unraveling the deep emotional traumas, attachment disorders, impactful social contributors, and life stressors that may be responsible for the addiction is essential for successful substance abuse treatment. Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC, has professional substance abuse counselors who can help discover the underlying issues, create a new awareness, and provide guidance in moving forward with future life decisions.
  • Help you to create the support networks you need to break free of substance abuse addiction
  • Help you create concrete plans to improve your life
  • Working with your family to help them heal from the trauma inflicted by substance abuse addiction. Usually with substance abuse addiction, the entire family is impacted. In family counseling, you and your family will learn new communication skills, and you’ll have a safe place to voice concerns, hurts, and anger. Healing therapy is essential with the family for those suffering from substance abuse and its fallouts.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself ready to begin the substance abuse treatment process or you simply want additional support to maintain the recovery you’ve achieved. Maybe you want a better understanding of how best to “be there” for someone you love on their journey towards wellness. Whatever has brought you to Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC, we are glad to see you and look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs through substance abuse counseling services.

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