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“What I like best about working with Kayla is her cheerfulness. She gets a lil’ goofy sometimes and it really helps when you’re starting to get down. The initial appointment was amazing I didn’t think we would get to solving anything or pinpointing anything but we did and I left feeling good and ready for the next appointment.I find Kayla very knowledgeable.The office is super cozy and not too quiet and the text reminders for appointments are the greatest!”

-Male, age 20, individual counseling

“Kayla is amazing! Not only does she listen to your struggles and guide you, she asks the right questions to make you stop and think. When I first visited Kayla, my partner and I had just split up. Over the next several months, Kayla helped my partner and I overcome issues that I never knew were damaging us as a couple. She dug deep into our minds and thoughts and found what the real issues were. My partner and I are now happier than ever, and know now what we need to continue our growth, all because of Kayla. If it wasn’t for Kayla, I know that my partner and I would have never worked through our issues. Kayla makes the appointments inviting and so relaxing that you forget that you are in an appointment. Not only is Kayla a great professional, she is also there for you as a friend”

-Female, age 35, couples counseling

“Aloha Kayla, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to say thank you for helping [my wife] and I to rediscover the magic in our marriage. The tools you have empowered us with have helped us to not only get our marriage back on track but has given us a whole new perspective to what marriage can really be. Life is AWESOME when you have that balance. We continue to apply the simple techniques that you taught us to be able to validate each other’s feelings while expressing our own feelings in a constructive manner. We really can’t thank you enough. Plan your vacation soon. You have 2 very grateful friends in Hawaii!!!”

-Male, age 48, marital counseling

“Early in 2018 I finally admitted to myself that I needed help. I was struggling with increasingly debilitating social anxiety and the PTSD that I thought I had under control was starting to creep back into my life. Admitting I needed help left me feeling weak and depressed, as a combat veteran I felt that I should be able to handle anything on my own. I knew that seeing a therapist could be beneficial, but my pride, anxiety and fear kept me from taking any actions for far too long.

Over several weeks I researched different therapists online trying to find one that I connected with. It didn’t take long before I found Kayla, but it was still weeks before I got up the nerve (or desperation) to send an email asking for a consultation. I felt significant anxiety when I thought about going to a new place and meeting a new person, but I was getting desperate and I couldn’t ignore my mental health any longer.

I stepped into her nervously stepped into her office on that first day and she quickly put me at ease. Her training and natural gifts provided a perfect environment for me to calm down, open up, and begin the process of healing. Her demeanor radiates with kindness and compassion, and she provides the perfect balance of support and challenge that has helped me heal and grow.

I met with her hoping to help with my anxiety but working with her has done so much more than that. She has provided tools for increased communication with my partner, has helped me work on my body image issues, encouraged me to grow my social network, provided guidance for my small business, and has supported me as I have started tackling the damage done to me by my abusive past (something that I pushed out of my conscious mind for many years). For the first time in over a decade I feel truly optimistic about myself and my future.

She has become one of the most important healers in my life and has improved my well-being in immeasurable ways. I know Kayla is always available to challenge me, support me, and help me reach my full potential. I always look forward to meeting with her, even when I know it is going to be difficult, and I feel such gratitude for what she has done for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Male, age 37, individual counseling