Secure, Convenient, and Easy

Evolutions Wellness is now offering Telehealth, or online counseling sessions, to clients who reside in North Carolina! This may be a convenient option for those who have a busy schedule and want to fit therapy sessions into their lives without adding the time and stress it takes to travel to a therapist’s office. This also allows individuals from all over the state to have access to high-quality, professional counselors in different areas, providing you with more selection of the therapist you would like to work


  • If you have children and struggle to find a babysitter to make your counseling sessions
  • If you have to work and can’t find a therapist available after 5 pm
  • If you travel frequently
  • If you struggle to find transportation or time in the day to travel to and from your therapist’s office
  • If you live in a small town and want to add extra privacy to your therapeutic experience
  • If you yourself are a counselor and don’t want to cross a boundary with another professional counseling colleague in the area
  • It also benefits clients who work during business hours. Instead of getting time off work, leaving early, or coming into work late, you can have a counseling session using your phone or computer during your lunch break!

Telehealth is becoming widely accepted and most insurance companies will reimburse for telehealth sessions.

Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC, utilizes Doxy.Me to facilitate therapy sessions with our clients. This platform is 100 percent free for you and can be utilized with an app supported by iOS and Androids or online on any computer. This software is HIPAA compliant, secure, and user friendly.


Q: Is it less effective than counseling in the office? 

In this article by Talkspace they say that, “numerous studies — including two 2013 studies published in the Journal of Affective Disorders and Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Networking — found online counselling to be as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.”

You won’t get to smell the amazing essential oils that we have diffusing in the waiting room, but you’ll save at least 30 minutes of travel time and we can get just as much accomplished in a video session as we can in the office. Our evidence-based modalities and award winning personalities don’t get distorted over the internet *insert wink here*.


Q: Do I Have to Be In North Carolina for counseling services?

Yes! All of our counselors are licensed in the state of NC, meaning we are only covered to treat individuals in NC. However, there are other therapists offering telehealth and you can identify them easily using Psychology Today.


Q: Why do I have to be a North Carolina Resident for telehealth counseling services?

When a therapist is licensed, they are usually only licensed in that state. Some therapists are licensed in multiple states if they choose. If you reside outside of North Carolina and are looking for an online therapist, we recommend using Psychology Today to find a qualified professional counselor who is a good fit for you.

There are other options for telehealth therapy sessions like BetterHelp and TalkSpace; however, these services are less like traditional counseling in that you are paying a monthly fee for so many messages back and forth to the professional counselor and paying extra for video sessions. There are benefits of this service, however there are also limitations.


Q: Will insurance cover these sessions? 

Yes! North Carolina insurance companies have recognized Telehealth as a valid modality of psychotherapy for a while. In light of the effects of Coronavirus and the recommendation for people to “quarantine in their homes” or “shelter in place,” insurance has loosened their restrictions even more. This is a world crisis. Our economy is taking a huge hit, relationships are under a lot of pressure, we are isolated from our social network, and insurance knows that this is the BEST possible time for people to get mental health treatment from a licensed therapist. 


Q: I’m worried about the security of doing a session over the internet. 

Privacy is one of the most important ingredients for a good counseling session. It takes a high degree of safety to feel like we can really open up about our vulnerabilities and hardships. Through the advancement of technology in the past several years, there are platforms such as Theranest and Doxy.Me where your sessions are secure and guaranteed to be HIPAA compliant. 


Q: I don’t have privacy in my home to talk freely and safely. I have to talk about the stress I’m under with my family, but they will overhear me. 

It is pretty awkward talking about people when they are in the next room. For some, it can even be a safety issue to discuss things that may be overheard. Our counselors have brainstormed strategies to overcome this barrier: 

  • Find areas in/around your home that are more private such as your backyard or a closet (no, we won’t judge you!)
  • Switch to a telephone session and drive your car to the nearest public parking lot
  • Some parking lots (such as McDonalds) may connect to Wifi and therefore you could still do a video session via your phone


Q: I’m not good with technology and don’t want to deal with the hassle of learning how to do video sessions. 

That is totally understandable! We live in a digital world, but many of us don’t have to use technology for our careers or we were raised in a time where technology wasn’t predominant yet. Most insurance companies are covering phone sessions for clients who are uncomfortable with video so that everyone is guaranteed to have access to mental health treatment. 

If you would prefer to talk with your therapist on the phone, we are more than willing to do that with you!


Q: What will we do during our video/phone session?  

Even if you are doing well, this down time can be a great opportunity to work with a licensed therapist to evaluate and address long established behavioral patterns or past traumas. The silver lining of the Coronavirus pandemic is that it is giving us all some down time to consider our future goals and how we can get there. We can still email our clients worksheets AND our therapists are armed with a ton of community resources that can help you through this time.