People often come to me feeling trapped, stuck or weighed down by their life circumstances. For some of my clients, their struggle with anxiety has created a sense of chaos in their world.  Others feel stuck at the crossroads of a stressful life transition and wish they had a clear path to the other side.  A few aren’t quite sure what “the problem” is – they just know that they want to feel free from it and are looking to therapy to try something new. 

My clients are people who want to persevere in spite of pain and adversity, but fear that they won’t be able to handle the resulting emotions or the anticipated change. Working in partnership, we face the unknown together. We evaluate, explore, and open doors in search of answers and ease. When we encounter pain, shame, sadness, or fear, you meet them knowing you have someone to support you.

I offer online therapy sessions (a.k.a. telehealth) exclusively. Our online platform is 100% private and secure, so you can trust that you have just as much privacy as a client who is coming into the office. Online sessions give you the convenience of skipping the travel and having sessions from anywhere you feel safe, have a quiet space, and a good internet connection. The best part, telehealth is covered by most insurance plans!