I felt anxious all of the time. I felt anxiety while at work, with my friends and family. I would wake up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts, heart palpitations, praying for it to just stop. I would go through my day but not really being present. Craving change but scared of it. Angry at myself for not being able to express how I truly felt and angry at others for overstepping boundaries I never set.  The anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and fear of not being perfect was consuming my life and life choices.

I decided to talk with a friend and my doctor about how I was feeling and they both recommended Evolution Wellness.  I looked into going but avoided returning the phone call.  I had previous experience with counseling but feared rehearsing old pain, as well as the possibility this feeling would never stop or maybe I was just having a rough time and could get through it alone.  I finally called to set an appointment and from the patient receptionist to the calming and welcoming experience of first entering the office, I knew I was in the right place.

The experience I had with Natalie changed my life.  Natalie was so welcoming, non-judgmental and the focus was on “the now”, not the reenactment of every horrible thing I had experienced. The very first day, she asked me what I wanted to gain from our time together and from that point on, I had clear goals on how I wanted to grow as a person. Every session, I was given “homework” and helpful tools to guide me through those really intense moments, as well as help me to continue developing the lifelong skill sets I needed to have my best life. Over the next couple of months, I learned to confidentially set boundaries, improve my self-talk, self-love, and to no longer fear imperfection but to embrace it! My anxiety, depression, guilt, sleeplessness, hopelessness and all the other feelings that held me back, began to subside.  At the end of our time together, Natalie read back to me the goals we originally set and I had achieved all of them.  Natalie is amazing!  The techniques she uses, as well as her open, kind and accepting personality put me at ease.  I was in a safe place.  My personal life, work life and how I viewed myself changed more then I can ever describe.  I am forever thankful for Natalie at Evolution Wellness and highly recommend her!

– Leanna, 37


I would like to share my experience working with Natalie so that hopefully this will encourage others to seek her help. I don’t know how much I need to share about myself. I have been to many therapists during my life for basically the same issues. I have been disappointed many times. I started going to Natalie about 3 months ago for social anxiety that I noticed more after I had weight loss surgery and lost 150lbs. Basically, I hated going in public or dating for fear of what people would think of me. In 3 months, I have started overcoming my fears and have started seeing things in myself that I never thought I would see. I am so grateful.

I tell anyone that will listen about her.

Natalie’s process is very different than any other counselor I have ever been to. She uses a lot of techniques that no one has ever taught me to help with anxiety. She has taught me it’s all about your mind and you can do these techniques to change your way of thinking about things. I will share one specific experience that I have had. I still love food and sometimes it hard to get someone to go with me to eat. I would have loved to go by myself but needed to drink first to get liquid courage. I was scared that people would judge me for eating alone or just judge me, period. After my first 2 sessions with Natalie, I was able to go eat by myself several times. I have even gone on vacation by myself. I think everyone should go to Natalie for help!! Continues to change my life.

-Sarah, 35


I was in a hopeless place internally between the challenge of infertility for over ten years, an extremely stressful job, and not taking care of myself physically and mentally when I accidentally found Evolution Wellness.  A post on Instagram for a similarly named exercise company led me to a search that placed me on Evolution Wellness’ website. I’m extremely thankful for the accidental discovery and being paired with Natalie as my healer.  Yes, she is a therapist but she has me on the road to recovery from anxiety, depression, and negativity that has deprived me of fully enjoying the present as well as cancelling the negative self-talk that I constantly subjected myself to.  Natalie is beyond genuine when exploring your feelings and challenges.


There are still moments when I have to work on my old bad habits however they come less frequently now and I am better equipped to tackle them.  My gratitude and ability to scale back automatic worst-case scenario thinking has grown since the time Natalie has been a part of my wellness journey.  She is essential to keeping me balanced whether my time since my last visit has been chaotic or joyous. Natalie is so much more than my therapist and I am grateful for every second during our visits!

-Jamie, 36


I can’t say enough good things about Natalie and her guidance and expertise with my 12 yr old daughter Grace. Grace was having difficulty handling situations at school and creating a negative environment for herself and others to compensate for her inability to properly handle situations. Natalie has been extremely patient with Grace and has offered different avenues to explore for each incident. Grace started seeing proper ways to handle situations, even situations she has no control over. The negative attitude has been eliminated and we see a more positive and happy person with her. Grace always has something to work towards for the next visit with Natalie.

-Maria, mother of a 12yr old female client.