Do you feel like something is out of balance in your life? Have you struggled with symptoms of panic, worry, low self-esteem, avoidance of social situations? Do you struggle to function with basic life tasks, like getting out of bed, working at your job, doing activities with your loved ones?

Are you an adolescent who struggles with past trauma, anxiety, PTSD, depression and/or substance use? Are you getting in trouble at school, home or in the community? Do you feel like nobody understands you? Often times adolescent behavior is misunderstood as being defiant and oppositional but there are underlying circumstances that are not always brought to our awareness. I can help work through these circumstances and help you and your family find harmony.

All individuals experiencing these struggles may exhibit some type of negative behaviors, such as substance use, communication and employment issues, self-harm and avoidance. I believe that these negative patterns of behavior are brought on by an emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance. I am a therapist in Wilmington, NC who is ready to help you overcome what is holding you back.