Do you have children that just don’t follow directions? Are you finding it challenging to have quality time as a family without an argument? Do you feel your family is distant and cold with each other? Family counseling may be right for you and your loved ones.

Stable relationships are not easy to maintain and deciding to turn to marriage and family counseling for dealing with family problems is a big step. But it is a necessary and helpful step when the family’s own approach for solving problems either has not been formed or is no longer suitable, or when problems seem insurmountable.

Trying family counseling is not admitting defeat—it is an important step to helping build a family’s toolbox and resources.

Ways family therapy can help:

  • listening skills
  • repair old emotional wounds
  • move forward after a divorce or blending a new family
  • how to avoid connotative language
  • to recognize triggers
  • to avoid triggers
  • to think before reacting
  • to respect boundaries
  • conversation skills
  • communication skills
  • how to express empathy
  • how to have unconditional regard for other family members
  • to clearly define a role and identify within the family and as an individual
  • how get what you want in a loving way
  • figuring out where anger is stemming from and how to resolve
  • how to address negative behaviors without losing a loving bond
  • how to parent in way that fosters independence and responsibility
  • how to create more positive time and stronger bonds together

Will we all meet together every Family Therapy session? 

Depending on the family therapist’s approach, you may do all family therapy sessions together as a family or even have some break out sessions with parents or siblings. For example, if you are concerned that siblings are arguing too frequently, the family counselor might see fit to meet with just the siblings to work on conflict resolution strategies, and then meet with the parents in a separate family counseling session to develop clear expectations of when to intervene and when to let the siblings work out conflict on their own.

Why are parents important?

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. There is certainly no right or wrong way to parent, but a family counselor may have expertise to help parents identify strategies, behavior plans, and boundaries to improve the family functioning. Important things to focus on in parenting are unconditional love, rewards and consequences, uniting parents as a team, and consistency and follow-through. The family therapist will help you identify your values and goals as a parent and teach you how to achieve behavioral and emotional goals within those value systems.

How do I know if my family needs counseling?

A great first step is to have a free family counseling consultation with a counselor who does family therapy. The family therapist will be able to ask you questions and offer insight into how family counseling may help the situation. The family counselor may then have an assessment session with the family to observe and explore family functioning and conflict to determine and then review their recommendations with you, so you can decide to move forward or not with family counseling services at Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, NC.

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