1. The Importance of Setting Boundaries

    As human beings we have the tendency to over work ourselves until our batteries run low. We try and multitask so many areas of our lives, that our relationships and mental health often get neglected. One of the areas a therapist will focus on their client with is setting personal boundaries.   Set…Read More

  2. Supporting Your Loved One Through Anxiety and Depression

    Depression and anxiety disorders are on the rise, but that does not mean you know who is struggling with one.  More often than not, people struggling with depression don’t show clear signs. They may look like they are really enjoying life and constantly make you laugh.   Because of the “outer…Read More

  3. 5 Ways to Recharge Your Energy After a Rough Day

    Few things zap your energy the way a stressful day can. Stress is known to reduce our levels of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that play an important role in our mood, energy and motivation. After a difficult day, you might be tempted to lounge on the couch watching TV until it’s time t…Read More

  4. 7 Self-Care Strategies for the Workplace

    Many of us think of “the workday” as starting the moment we set foot in our place of work, but it actually begins the moment we open our eyes. Beginning our day mindfully and extending that sense of being present into our workday can make a significant difference in how productive we are and how…Read More

  5. Finding Balance

    One of the first things I like to explore with new clients is the balancing the roles of their life. We all have things: partners, kids, jobs, etc. and it’s easy to let our lives become defined by one thing. What roles do you serve in your life? Sally is: mother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, f…Read More

  6. Take Responsibility for How You Feel

    There is one sentence I preach to all my clients: “You are responsible for how you feel.” Part of the break down in today’s culture is everyone is finding something to blame for their own emotional state. “He cheated on me, so I’m crushed.” “She irritates me.” “If I had a boyfriend…Read More

  7. Summer Recipe: Kale Pesto

    Looking for a light, easy to make, summer snack that’s also super nutritious?  Check out this delicious twist - Kale Pesto!  A refreshing taste, perhaps served on apple slices, sliced tomatoes, crackers or even as a spread or dressing on salads, vegetables or starches. An original recipe, courte…Read More

  8. What’s the Buzz about Essential Oils?

    Essential Oils have recently been featured on many newscasts and online reports as a “trend” in alternative healthcare.  In reality, essential oils aren’t as much “alternative” as they are “natural”. Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants through distilla…Read More

  9. Spice up Your Life

    Health is the Spice of Life, but could Spice be the Life of Health? What you add to the spice rack in your kitchen could actually provide you with a cornerstone for health and healing. Spices come from seeds, fruits, roots and the bark of plants and are used in dried form, which means they also have…Read More

  10. Listening to Your Body

    Author: Buffy Andrews MSW, LCSW Listening to our bodies can be really hard when we have the voices of society telling us all sorts of untruths. Things like: be vegan and you'll live longer, don't eat gluten it's the enemy of everything, don't be so sensitive, look like that super model by eating onl…Read More