1. Warning Signs of a Dysfunctional Family

    Let’s talk about family.   Family roles may be a phrase that feels very light as it is commonly used. We’re here to talk about the negative side of family roles and the impact they can have on a family.   Family roles can be a sign or symptom of a dysfunctional family. They can show ho…Read More

  2. 5 Truths to Remember When Someone You Love is Battling Addiction

    When someone we love and care about is battling an addiction, we often feel powerless. The cycle of addiction causes intense pain to both the addicted person and those around them. It feels impossible to simply observe the damage to a person’s health, financial status, interpersonal relationships,…Read More

  3. Avenues to Recovery

    Author: Natalie Gomes MA, LPCS, LCAS I read once that recovery is like a huge, beautiful, elaborately wrapped gift that when you open, contains thousands of other, smaller, beautifully wrapped gifts. Over the course of my career as a mental health and substance use disorder therapist I’ve been fo…Read More