1. Family Roles

    In all family’s there are roles that each person takes on.  Especially in families with many siblings, it is easier to detect the dysfunctional roles that each person embodies.  Each dysfunctional family may have addiction present, personality disorders like OCD, or depression. The hero, the sca…Read More

  2. Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Romantic Relationship?

    No two relationships are the same.  Everyone will deal with the mental health of themselves and their partner differently.  Those dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, or any other form of mental illness, often push away from their loved ones.  They can do this for many reasons but a main reas…Read More

  3. Be Vulnerable

    In our society today, we have been conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is a bad thing.  That if we are out of our comfort zone we are anxious and fearful. One of our favorite speakers and authors, Brené Brown, discusses how vulnerability can change your life positively, in her book “The…Read More

  4. Why You Need Intimacy in Your Marriage

    Intimacy: A quality of interpersonal connectedness and familiarity, emotional and empathetic, between individuals.  Characterized by – Fear of Intimacy: resistance to self-disclosure, short-term relationships, distancing techniques, defense mechanisms, emotional parsimony; Intimacy Desperation: o…Read More

  5. 4 Things to STOP Doing in Your Relationships

      The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse (In Relationships) John and Julie Gottman have been studying relationships for over 40 years and they have nailed down the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse of a relationship. If you let these horseman run wild through your marriage, you're in trouble. I know…Read More

  6. Why You Should Practice Self-Care

    Self care can range from bubble baths, to meditation, to spending more time with family and friends.  Everyone’s self care will look different because we all have individual needs to tailor to. In our busy day to day lives, self care can be hard to make time for - often leaving our mental health …Read More

  7. Self Love For Single Parents

    Let’s talk about something that isn’t discussed frequently enough: being a single parent.  So much love is given towards two parents raising their children, but where is all the love for the parents who are doing it all on their own?  What about the dad who lost his wife and is raising his thr…Read More

  8. The Importance of Setting Boundaries

    As human beings we have the tendency to over work ourselves until our batteries run low. We try and multitask so many areas of our lives, that our relationships and mental health often get neglected. One of the areas a therapist will focus on their client with is setting personal boundaries.   Set…Read More

  9. Supporting Your Loved One Through Anxiety and Depression

    Depression and anxiety disorders are on the rise, but that does not mean you know who is struggling with one.  More often than not, people struggling with depression don’t show clear signs. They may look like they are really enjoying life and constantly make you laugh.   Because of the “outer…Read More

  10. How to Get the Most Out of Your Counseling Experience

    In my nearly 14 years of experience as a therapist, I’ve had the pleasure of observing counseling clients achieve great success towards the goals they set for themselves in therapy. Conversely, I have also observed individuals drift through the therapy process without achieving progress or even dr…Read More