1. Mental Health Matters

    Telehealth Sessions Q&A

    COVID-19 (AKA the Coronavirus) is rampant in our country, businesses and schools are closing, and many states have moved to a mandatory “Shelter in Place” order. The economy is taking a major hit, people are being laid off from their jobs, and those who still are working are at risk for COVID-19…Read More

  2. Social distancing during Coronavirus

    Adjusting to Social Distancing

    During a time of crisis, there often comes a reverberation of circumstances that are a result of the actual emergency.  In many cases, these circumstances evoke stressors that can often be more serious than the problem itself. Take, for example, a hurricane.   Although the wind, rain, and floodin…Read More

  3. Mental Health During COVID-19

    It’s March! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, aaaaaand COVID-19 is impacting our country in a serious way. The economy is taking a major hit, people are being laid off from their jobs, and those who still are working are at risk for COVID-19 infection. Most of us are working from home virtu…Read More

  4. Coping Methods For Anxiety

    Anxiety can be difficult to handle. Given that anxiety is essentially an unintentional misuse of your body’s natural fight-or-flight response to imminent threats, it can be quite challenging for those who live with severe anxiety or who experience serious anxiety in certain circumstances. At Evolu…Read More

  5. Common Sources Of Stress For Teens & How To Help Them Cope

    The teenage years are hard for most kids — between stressful school, fickle friends, and the hormone soup swirling in their brains and bodies, it’s very easy for teens to stress out about their lives. At Evolution Wellness in Wilmington, we’re passionate about providing people constructive, pe…Read More

  6. Family Roles

    In all family’s there are roles that each person takes on.  Especially in families with many siblings, it is easier to detect the dysfunctional roles that each person embodies.  Each dysfunctional family may have addiction present, personality disorders like OCD, or depression. The hero, the sca…Read More

  7. Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Romantic Relationship?

    No two relationships are the same.  Everyone will deal with the mental health of themselves and their partner differently.  Those dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, or any other form of mental illness, often push away from their loved ones.  They can do this for many reasons but a main reas…Read More

  8. Be Vulnerable

    In our society today, we have been conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is a bad thing.  That if we are out of our comfort zone we are anxious and fearful. One of our favorite speakers and authors, Brené Brown, discusses how vulnerability can change your life positively, in her book “The…Read More

  9. Why You Need Intimacy in Your Marriage

    Intimacy: A quality of interpersonal connectedness and familiarity, emotional and empathetic, between individuals.  Characterized by – Fear of Intimacy: resistance to self-disclosure, short-term relationships, distancing techniques, defense mechanisms, emotional parsimony; Intimacy Desperation: o…Read More

  10. 4 Things to STOP Doing in Your Relationships

      The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse (In Relationships) John and Julie Gottman have been studying relationships for over 40 years and they have nailed down the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse of a relationship. If you let these horseman run wild through your marriage, you're in trouble. I know…Read More